Very Important Advice

Very Important Advice

ALWAYS check terms and conditions – ALWAYS

Guys, always check the terms and conditions of the bonuses. Things change, and many casinos will try and screw you.

Anyway, from bitter experience, I've decided that it's worth printing up Terms and Conditions pages, or at least saving a copy of the file. The bitter experience was that some support asshole tried to tell me I owe them $10,000 of slots play before I can withdraw 100 pounds that I left in an account (after finishing the wagering requirements).

Anyway, every week or two, I go through all the casinos we list and update things (mostly I downgrading bonuses in value, but sometimes bonuses get better). I won't always be up to date on these things though (I have a life, sometimes, and things change without notice).

Remember to always read the Terms and Conditions, and if you don't like them, don't play.

Key things to look for are:

  1. Playthrough requirement
  2. Excluded games, and the penalty for playing them (varies from loss of all the bonus to simply play on that game not counting towards playthrough.

I do my damndest to only list reputable casinos, but things change – good places go bad and bad places go bust. Please let us know (in the forums, or by email) if you have a bad experience with any of the casinos we list. It will help us keep this site useful.

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