Progressive jackpots

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How to play progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots increase as they are played. A specific combination is required to win the amount, and the amount shown is the amount won, but only if using the Bet Max option. Anything less will win a set amount but not the full progressive amount displayed. Once the progressive amount is won, it returns to a preset amount. The current total is clearly displayed on each slot machine. Previous winners are also displayed, but of course, only the most impressive wins are shown. Don't think that just because a lower jackpot amount is showing, the slot will not pay.

A slot that has a higher progressive jackpot amount is not necessarily going to pay sooner than a machine with a lower amount. All slots use an RNG and so the results are completely random. One of the biggest myths amongst slot players is that slots run on a payout cycle and must payout when a certain amount is reached. This is untrue

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