Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses are the easiest way to make good money out of gambling.

It's very tough to be a professional casino gambler, or at least it used to be. You had to have an instinctive understanding of odds, lightening fast mathematical ability, and more often than not, be a master of disguise. The Internet changed all that. Now, you can go to a casino knowing that you can play perfect strategy at whatever game you choose. Don't know what the perfect play is in any situation? Not a problem. Just have a look around and find what it is then go back to the game. But doesn't the house always win? Well, yes (except with near-perfect strategy on a deuces wild video poker machine and other rare situations).

So how is it possible to beat the house?

  • Simple.
  • Bonuses.

Online casinos will give you "free" money to try their casino. Of course you have to deposit some of your own money and give them a certain amount of play, but they're still letting you play with their money. This makes it much easier to make money (in gambling, just like real estate, the secret to success is OPM – other people's money).

Casino BonusesCasinos know this and try to balance having an attractive sign up offer with being a charity. That's why they make policies against bonus "abusers". I've been banned from some internet casinos for just playing blackjack or video poker until I met bonus requirements and then trying to withdraw. None of the casinos reviewed here gave me any problems, and I have been frank about any bad things I have heard about other players having issues.

But anyway, I suggest that once you've met the play requirements, especially if you're ahead by more than the amount of the bonus, play some other games for a while. I also withdraw my bankroll in two steps, with more play after the first withdrawal – gambling is, and should be fun.

For a while, I will admit that I was a professional Bonus Hunter. That's right, I made my living by playing vast amounts of blackjack and video poker at about half a dozen different casinos every week.

I made a pretty decent living too – about $2000-$3000 a month. Why did I stop? Well, the first thing was that it was getting more and more stressful. As I used up the good casinos, I found myself playing at some shady operations – I have been the victim of cheating software and casinos that just keep player's money. That's why I am trying really hard to only list good casinos and delete bad ones. Having $1430 of mine confiscated by some gangster in Belize was a horrible feeling. It's really not worth it to play at dodgy casinos – that's one of the reasons we have a feedback forum, so you can tell us about your experiences and we can be sure that the places we recommend are good.

I still chase casino bonuses, now and then, but now it's just for the fun of gambling at higher stakes than normal (although if I happen to make an extra couple hundred bucks, that definately doesn't hurt).

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